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About Us

Universal Link Enterprise is a second generation family business based in Brunei Darussalam. The company has been in operations sinces 1994. Due to the business nature of Brunei Darussalam, Universal Link Enterprise has gained experience in the implementation of a broad range or products and services.

Our company is supported by a team of talented individuals together with local and global partners.

The success is driven by our priority to provide continuous support to our customers throughout each phase of the project.  This support ensures the success of the project implementation and the on-going O&M.

To maintain our sustainability and growth, we continue to be in the leading forefronts of introducing state of the art global solutions to support and improve the well being of our people and our nation.




Latest Products

Philips Healthcare
Philips Healthcare is committed to providing meaningful innovations that improve the quality of care, enhance patients’ lives and enable the delivery of better outcomes at lower cost. We operate in four main business areas: Diagnostic Imaging Systems; Patient Care and Clinical Informatics; Customer Services; and Home Healthcare.

A recognized global provider of innovative, integrated environmental monitoring systems and consulting solutions

Megasecur produces the flagship product, the Water-Gate. The Water-Gate is a water barrier that creates a flood protection wall the height of a
man. This can be installed at the speed of a person walking, whereby installation is done very quickly.

Hungjin Block Company
Hungjin Block Company is a well established manufacturer in Korea using PVC, ABS, EVA, Urethane, EPDM, Polymer Concrete, Reclaimed Rubber to produce products like the Shooting and Braille Blocks.